Social issues

Dear America, A Cold War With China Will Be Expensive
Wall Street Journal - 51 minutes ago?
A Chicago Cops Facebook Posts and a Citys Struggle With Racism
ProPublica - 10 hours ago?
History Will Judge the Complicit
Atlantic - 12 hours ago?
Inside the Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group Where Agents Joke About Migrant Deaths and Post Sexist Memes
ProPublica - 8 hours ago?
Appeals court lets Texas provide medication abortions during coronavirus outbreak
FOX News - 18 hours ago?
Have You Experienced Sexual Violence in Alaska? Wed Like To Hear Your Story.
ProPublica - 21 hours ago?
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Social conditions & trends

History Will Judge Trumps Enablers Harshly
Atlantic - 12 hours ago
Guatemala health officials fired, investigated for corruption
Al Jazeera - 6 hours ago?
Lady Gaga Is Back and Smaller Than Ever
Atlantic - 17 hours ago
MLB Owners Say They Could Lose $4 Billion Even If Games Are Played. Does That Math Add Up?
FiveThirtyEight - 14 hours ago
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How We Worked With Survivors of Sexual Assault in Alaska to Tell Their Stories
ProPublica - 22 hours ago?
Giving Voice to Alaskas Unheard Sexual Assault Survivors
ProPublica - 23 hours ago?
On the Record and the Women Hip-Hop Sacrifices
Atlantic - 20 hours ago
Heres What Experts Say to Do After Experiencing Sexual Assault
ProPublica - 21 hours ago?
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This homemade gluten-free pasta, inspired by Passover, is an everyday favorite
Washington Post - 8 hours ago
Power Up: Trump's election year war on governors intensifies as protests spread
Washington Post - 8 hours ago
An Oral History of Trumps Bigotry
Atlantic - 1 days ago?
Chicago Cop Under Investigation Again Over Social Media Posts
ProPublica - 2 days ago?
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People Are Taking To The Streets To Protest Police Brutality Amid Trump's Threat To Unleash The Military
Buzzfeed - 5 hours ago?
Why Norma McCorvey Matters
Atlantic - 2 days ago
The Rights Reign on the Air Waves
New Republic - 1 days ago
Pro-life group helps pregnant woman after abortion canceled in Texas amid coronavirus outbreak
FOX News - 4 days ago?
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Police Are Killing Fewer People In Big Cities, But More In Suburban And Rural America
FiveThirtyEight - 15 hours ago
MTV and Comedy Central pause to honor George Floyd, but much of Hollywood remains on the sidelines
Washington Post - 8 hours ago
America Has No President
Atlantic - 18 hours ago
The Justice Department can use consent decrees to make police forces better
Washington Post - 8 hours ago
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Immigration & refugees

Indias Migrants Head Home as Lockdown Eases, Prompting Fears of Coronavirus Spread
Wall Street Journal - 5 days ago?
A family between two identities, migrating back to their ancestral land
Washington Post - 4 days ago
Book review of How Did We Get Here?: From Theodore Roosevelt to Donald Trump by Robert Dallek
Washington Post - 5 days ago
China vows to resolutely smash any Taiwan independence move
Washington Post - 4 days ago
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